“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19


The pandemic of 2020 has awakened the church to the need and opportunity to engage people beyond the buildings and programs of in-person ministry. In the words of church leader Carey Nieuwhof, “Everyone we’re trying to reach is online.” With our in-person ministry currently limited, and with so many competing voices online, we cannot offer sporadic, mediocre digital content in hopes that people will find us and hang with us until our buildings open again. We want to seize this moment to build a high-quality digital ministry platform that will not only enable our ministry through the pandemic but will enhance and expand our ministry for decades to come. 

“I truly believe this is a pivotal moment for the church. God is doing a new thing – opening our eyes to new ways of being the church and to new people waiting to hear the good news of God’s love and purpose for their lives.” - Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor


Like everyone else, we’ve spent considerably more time in our home and in our neighborhood. One neighbor has even begun to join us on our back porch for our weekly worship service online. She joined an online Alpha group this fall! As we’ve viewed the Sunday experience through her eyes, we’ve been grateful to everyone who has been working hard to bring such beauty and excellence to the weekly broadcast – teaching, production, worship, kids, and student teams alike! God continues to do His work through the church, and it’s awesome to be a small part of it.

a Grace Chapel member

This morning I worshiped for the first time at Grace Chapel. A co-worker’s Facebook post made me want to visit your church. By the time the service was over I was sobbing, and also feeling an enormous weight crashing off my shoulders. I can’t explain it, but God found a way to reach through the scar tissue and remind me there is hope.

an online viewer

Before the pandemic, my grandsons would go to Sunday School, but because they just did not do well at the worship service, I did not insist that they go. Now it is so gratifying to gather around the big screen TV and to participate in the worship together.

a Grace Chapel member

The online ministry is really working. We watch the service on Sunday morning, then go right to our Bible study, and join the hymn sing in the middle of the week. We’re as connected as ever

a Grace Chapel member

The vision for our Digital Ministry Platform includes providing funding for strategic technology projects with our regional and global partners. We intend to give 10% of the total initiative funds received to our partner projects.

Jeanette YepPastor, Global & Regional Partnerships


Our vision is to build a state-of-the-art digital ministry that will enable us to reach, disciple, and mobilize more people than ever before in our history.

Reach more people

By engaging seekers with high-quality, gospel-centered content that speaks to their needs, points them toward Christ, and connects them to the Grace Chapel community.

Disciple more people 

By providing believers with online groups, devotional resources, and a self-directed spiritual formation pathway.

Mobilize more people

By equipping people to reach out with shareable content, experiences, and connections, as well as resourcing other churches and our mission partners.


We learned how to “do church” and “be the church” differently and more effectively than we ever thought possible. We moved our ministries online and empowered our people to live out the mission of Christ where they live and work. As a result, thousands of people have engaged with us, some for the very first time. We, as a church family, are still serving, growing, and experiencing community in the midst of the pandemic. And we are finding new ways to serve our communities through food banks, encouragement to front line workers, and resources to those most vulnerable in greater Boston.


These components of a digital ministry platform will work in tandem with our physical ministries to children, students and adults.  We believe we can reach, disciple, and mobilize more people with strategic investments in the following areas:

Worship – The Sunday Experience 

Community – An online campus  

Outreach – Social Media/Digital Marketing 

Discipleship – Learning Management System 

Shepherding – Church Management System  

All of these elements of our digital ministry platform will be accomplished with Grace Chapel staff and by engaging a whole new group of lay leaders and volunteers.  


We believe this bold, innovative, and outwardly-focused vision will lead to exponential growth and Kingdom impact in the next decade and beyond. 

Our digital ministry platform will enable us to: 

Reach tens of thousands of seeking people right where they are – online – and help them take the next step on their spiritual journey. 

Revitalize our campus ministries with new tools for discipling, connecting, and caring for children, students, and adults at every stage of life. 

Respond to opportunities for new Grace Chapel locations:

  • strategic partnerships like we have with Christ’s Church of Amherst, NH
  • microsites and pop-up churches at assisted living facilities, apartment complexes, prisons, university campuses, etc.
  • new campuses in under-served communities

Resource other churches and our regional and global mission partners with strategic funding and shared technology, facilities, and expertise.


  • Grace.org becoming the go-to destination in New England for people seeking spiritual help and connection?
  • Tens of thousands of people experiencing grace online every week by engaging with uplifting content and virtual community?
  • Younger generations connecting with church in ways that are most natural and more accessible to them.
  • Regional and global partners having the digital resources to effectively minister to people in their settings? 

Digital Ministry Initiative components


“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19